Sarah Reinsch Interned with me many years ago and became a good makeup artist but her interests have moved more towards the other side of the camera as an actress and model. All of the products used in these photos can be found in the makeup pages. 1 & 4 Purchase "Dahlia's Look" , for 1.  add Brown earth eyeshadow and coal to strengthen the eyes, chestnut lip pencil and blossom blush,  For 4. add storm grey eyeshadow to keep it soft.  2. Coal and storm shadows on the eyes , blossom betty blush on the cheekbones, brunette eyebrow pencil and Joan Lipstix. 3.Use Red Hot as a stain on the lips.


Eha Urbsalu

Originaly from Estonia Eha is more of an uptown girl. I have transformed her into a downtown one with a brunette pencil on the brows, and on and around the eyes a mixture of Storm grey and coal black eyeshadows with jet black eyeliner in the inner rim of the lower lashes. Chestnut lip pencil and Babe lipstix with a touch of Coral blush high on the cheekbone. Eha is both a Singer songwriter @ehamusic  and and Entrepreneur with a fledgeling organic skin care company @vikingbeauty_official . She definitely has a very beautiful skin.

Daniella: I made the designer Daniella into a Geisha for a makeup class when she was pregnant. Her daughter is now nine and she was in New York when I was giving a private make up session to an Artist from Brazil, Katrina Nunez del Anunco of Centro Khuyana in Chile. So here are  the results of Katrina's class . Daniella's face was sculpted with the cream foundations with the darkest one under the cheek and jawbone. A coral blush and iridescent shine on the cheekbone  and Babe lipstix with a gloss. The lip was changed to a bright red when she added a stronger color to the eyelids and false eyelashes.


Our style page is a montage of interesting women and their stories of life, love, happiness, beauty, art and, of course, their makeup routine.

Simone of the online magazine has interviewed me, helped me with some work related problems and called me in for  interesting castings. I knew that she had been a model but  we never worked on photoshoots together so yesterday I put that right and asked her to work with me for Simone is a natural beauty who wears little if any makeup so I thought that it would be difficult for her to wear a strong makeup but on the contrary it was very easy. She has a couple of  very important things that are pretty rare in New York and make for a great model,  an incredibly  luminous skin and clear bright eyes.
MAKEUP INSTRUCTION Beginning with the brows. I thickened them with Blondi pencil and powdered over them using an angle brow brush with storm grey eyeshadow powder.  After applying a light oil over her face I blended Black Russian cream blush  with my fingers onto her cheekbones. After applying a little concealer around her eyes and on her lid  I blended a turquoise shadow on the inner corner up to the brows and purple mist in the outer corner to just past the crease. To deepen the  mist I applied  over it at the very base of the lashes and in the crease Forest bed. I then applied the purple solo liner to the base of the upper lashes and two pairs of false eyelashes. One pair was very light weight and the others were heavier ones I cut for the outer part of the eyes. On the lips I applied Sophia. For the other photos I used Kryolan Aquacolors. All of these products you will see on the makeup page.




AVA:-  Bidding at Auctions

Every year I either work with the Children of Artrageous a Linda Argila event or make a donation to the benefit.  Almost 10 years ago a wonderful young woman Cynthia purchased my Freestyle body painting experience together with the mixed media art pieces that resulted from the experience. Nov 2017 Cynthia returned to the Artrageous event benefiting “Hour Children” to bid on my offering. The offering was the same Freestyle body painting experience with a different resulting artwork. Instead of a mixed media on wood I was painting on the photos which resulted from the Freestyle. She had a dilemma, who to give the experience to, her 96 year old mother or her beautiful 16 year old daughter. How could I resist doing both! To recreate Ava's makeup in the first photo just blend  solo circle opal shadow over the lids then deepen the eye by adding solo circle cocao in the crease of the eye and at the base of the lashes, for the others I used Kryolan Aquacolors. See Art and Accessories if you would like to commission a piece.





When Simone gets up in the morning...

She is detail-oriented in caring for her skin She begins her routine washing her face with a Fresh Brand Soya face cleanser, then finishes the cleansing with a Sephora triple action facial toner.  After which she applies to her face Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum (the same cream as the one she uses at night) and MAC Mineralized Charged Water moisture eye cream around the eyes.  When the weather is warm, Simone finishes her morning skin care with MAC Studio moisture cream.  In the winter this is replaced by Josie Moran Whipped Argan Oil Face butter.