Life is not all brown it is made up of touches of color. We aren't always able to see those colors but they are there and as color adds spice to life they add spice to our appearance.  My aim is to bring fun and fearlessness to the application of color. A great skin is the best canvas for color so take care of it. Makeup for me is to be enjoyed and brighten ones life so my colors are for every woman, the colors are pure and very delicate so are quite transparent when applied. To make them heavier apply your concealer to your eyelid first, then apply the shadow on top of your concealer preferably using my brushes. Press the color into the cream for more intensity with the mini shadow brush or dust it over lightly with the large eyeshadow brush. My brushes were developed with my products in mind so I am putting the best brushes for the products next to them. For long lasting color press the transluscent powder into the color on the eyelid with the wide shadow brush and reapply more color.  I have either selected or made a few other accessories and pieces of Art to bring both color and love into your lives. Looking to the future I enjoy the moment while sometimes reflecting on the past. I love fashion, makeup , art , adventure and challenges,  but my ultimate love is people. 

Let me help you with

Personal Product choices
Makeup Design and Development
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All products are made in the USA.

  • If you would like to find out more about me there is my history, about my company and my portfolio at below are some links to great article or you can go to or to see more of my Art.


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An Interview With Artist Linda Mason - Fanny Pack

Originally from a coastal town in the North East of England, Mason has forged a career in art that has spanned decades and taken her all over the world. In the 60s, she studied with Lancome in Paris and later worked for them in Beirut. On returning to Paris in the 70s, Mason worked as...

Linda Mason - The Silver Women

Most people assume age milestones to be check points, where one must weigh and measure past achievements against past failures in hopes of leading a more learned future. How depressing. Age should be celebrated for the addition of new breath and life, new perspective as opposed to the aching nostalgia of what things used to be.

Linda Mason’s Makeup Portfolio 1982-2013

Linda Mason’s Makeup Portfolio 1982-2013


"Slow and steady wins the race", or maybe it's just "The journey that is the most important". I didn't invent these but I did invent "If you can do something the right way do it the wrong , upside down standing on your head. What is the right way anyway?"