Our style page is a montage of interesting women and their stories of life, love, happiness, beauty, art and, of course, their makeup routine.






When Simone gets up in the morning...

She is detail-oriented in caring for her skin thoroughly in the morning as well as nighttime. She begins her routine washing her face with a Fresh Brand Soya face cleanser, then finishes the cleansing with a Sephora triple action facial toner.  After which she applies to her face Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum (the same cream as the one she uses at night) and MAC Mineralized Charged Water moisture eye cream around the eyes.  When the weather is warm, Simone finishes her morning skin care with MAC Studio moisture cream.  In the winter this is replaced by Josie Moran Whipped Argan Oil Face butter.

Her makeup routine is first a Bobbi Brown bronzer followed by the Bobbi Brown Illuminating Cheek Palette, then the under eye makeup cream. On her eyes she uses any one of a number of eye shadow palettes and a tinted lip color. I decided that she has strayed too far from Linda Mason Elements products and will bring her back on track with a gift of the Ksenia colors to experiment with.  She will love it!